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2001 Mexican production

"Con sello de mujer" (TV Show)
"... and today in Mexico City, JCS starts is open end run. A show with sensational performances, choreography... and, of course, lots of great music..."

"Informativo MVS" (News Radio)
"...Although the opening in theatre was over 30 years ago, last night was the world opening of "JCS", these was because the concept is the same of Andrew Lloyd Webber's show, but this version it's unique, a production never seen anywhere else. It's a visual impact, with great voices such as Lolita Cortes, Erick Rubin and Fazio Galvan and all of the ensemble cast. The show never ceased of surprising the audience..."

TV Notas (Magazinne)
"...JCS openend triumphaly last night. The show achieved the gathering of hundreds of celebrities to the event..."

El economista (Newspaper)
"...JCS: a voyage..."
" the past is the soundtrack that sounded to hippies and flowerplower generations, now JCS sound as a rock concert. The band is not in a pit, but on stage in a huge three floors metal tower, and in the final encore you crave for more out of them... even to buy the CD if they decide to record one..."

El Dia (Newspaper)
"...Once more Morris Gilberts teach us a lesson on excelent theatre making with the opening of JCS. With the musicians on stage during the whole show, the cast showed off not only their voices, but their true talents. Erik Rubin is an extraordinari Judas, Lolita Cortes and all de jews priests, and obviously, the faboulous rock band with them. In particular this production has a distinctiveness because of the stage distribution (a huge metal tower in the center where the band is always playing); Annas and Caiphas, and sometimes the priests, flying over the stage; but also the images that speak out about the new forms of violence and hunger that we see in our modern times.

Other of the innovations, maybe natural because of the turning of the times, is that in this production it´s more choreographycal than operistic. The costumes are a radical change agains the ones used in previous stagings... a great show to be enjoyed by the whole family... Congratulations on the great theater quality they have achieved."

La Prensa (Newspaper)
" intelligent show...
"...more vanguardist than ever, JCS is back..."

Novedades (Newspaper)
"... Jesuschrist for exportation..."
"...ALW's show was reborn last night as a multimedia and technical performance... also the designs of parisien Marga Binoux dress some of the characters with long suits, as the ones painted by artist El Greco, just as the one used by Caiphas (Cesar Riverso, who achives a really effective low voice) hung by steel wires, or by other performers, in particular Josue Anuar, who plays and sings Simon to high praises...."

La jornada (Newspaper)
"...a show off of technology and light around ALW's original play..."
"...They present a JCS in avant garde form..."
"...Visually stonishing/ modern/stetic, where the video melts with the set/choreography and music. Trepip music numbers splashed by a watercolor palet, from white to deep blue; obscure/bright/fantastic moods sheltering the eclectic music, filled with guitar's riffs and a avant garde set filled with brand new costumes...."
"...JCS, the classical show, it's now a show off of tehcnology, explotions, liftings, sets created with ropes and huge screens that transmit equivalent images to the motif of the songs and a great body/musical language..."

Reforma (Newspaper)
"...a SUPER debut..."
"...Only as past memories, remain the times of Beaty and the beast, The phantom of the opera and Rent. Last night we saw the opening of the world premiere of JCS-Mexican production...."

Metro (Newspaper)
"...Jesuschrist musical thrills..."
"..They achieve a debut with Superstar..."

Esto (Newspaper)
"... Jesuschrist (is) Superstar..."
"... very diferent than the one performed on the 70's. This time, all bets were place mainly in the storyline than in the spectacle... That way, with an vanguardist staging, in which the actoral work, the colorfilled costumes, the music in which the splendid voices relay on, the new JCS is fully rounded.

Diario de Mexico (Newspaper)
"...Impresive opening of Jesuschrist Superstar..."
", live music, hanging actors, timeless costumes, almost no scenography and the quality of the mexican performers shows that they are at the same level as any in the world. This production is way beyond anything the audience can imagine, they can't remotedly invision how each scene is going to be solved..."

Ovaciones (Newspaper)
"... Supermodern Jesuschrist..."

El universal (Newspaper)
"...They present a more visual production of JCS..."

La cronica (Newspaper)
"...JCS adjust itself to the new century..."
"...Amazement and joy where the feeling that the audience experimented on the opening of JCS last thursday night. With an inovative proposal, the show has a new aproach to Tim Rice and ALW's material. Non traditional sets and having the technology to the service of the arts, the show gives the actors endless posibilities to shine, including the most important part of it: the musicians. With more imagination than theories, JCS grabs the audience from it´s begining..."

Milienio (Newspaper)
"... In a 100% modern production impregnated with technological resourses, that cant reach the talent of the human cast on stage, JCS returns to the mexican stage... with Annas and Caiphas hanging in the sky, a cloth that turns into the last supper and the images on the huge screens, JCS turns into a visual feast..."

El foco ( Website
"...we know how to love this Jesuschrist..."

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